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Where Dream Holidays Become Reality in Resorts & Hotels that Truly Care!

All Inclusive Resorts in Malta

Welcome to the all inclusive section of Sponsored Breaks.

By using the all inclusive aspect of the reward service, you will gain access to over 3000 different hotels, apartments and villas spread across the globe.

Below we have shown a selection of resorts where we have received excellent feed back from current clients that have already taken advantage of Sponsored Breaks. This page is simply shown to provide inspiration for you.

Please remember that this is a small taste of the total destinations available. Please ask your travel advisor for further information on specific destinations that may interest you further.

The Santa Maria Hotel

from £45 pppd

Seashells Resort at Suncrest Hotel


from £45 pppd

The St.Georges Park Hotel


from £35 pppd

Seabank Hotel


from £45 pppd

Fortina Hotel & Spa


luxury pppd

Canifor Hotel

St Paul´s Bay

from £35 pppd

Cardor Holiday Complex

St. Pauls Bay

from £25 pppd

Bella Vista

St. Pauls Bay

from £35 pppd